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NC Kindergarten Entry Assessment

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?
A: If you have questions about your personal computer and/or device, please contact your IT person for your school and/or district. If you have technical questions about the platform and entering documentation, please call: 1-800-637-3652. If you have general questions about the NC KEA process, please feel free to contact your regional consultant and/or Teaching Strategies:

Q: Is the NC KEA a developmental screener?
A: The NC KEA is designed to be an authentic, observational assessment across five areas of development and learning with observations, intentional situations, probes, and tasks for a select number of constructs in each of the five areas. Unlike a developmental screener, a kindergarten entry assessment is not a diagnostic tool or a test to determine developmental delays.

Q: Is Reading 3D part of the NC KEA?
A: The data gathered from Reading 3D can be used to inform particular components of the NC KEA. In addition, Reading 3D data will also be used to fulfill the legislated early literacy screening component of the NC KEA during the first 30 days of kindergarten entry.

Q: The Excellent Public Schools Act requires that each kindergarten student be given a kindergarten entry assessment within 60 days of enrollment. Is that 60 calendar days or 60 school days?
A: The kindergarten entry assessment should be given within the first 60 school days.

Q: Will we continue with NC KEA if Common Core is eliminated and/or if the Standard Course of Study is revised?
A: Yes. Historically, NC's standards have been regularly revised, with assessments subsequently revised to align. The same would be true for NC KEA.

Pilot Participation

Q: When does the NC KEA pilot officially begin and end?
A: The NC KEA pilot will officially begin on August 25, 2014. Teachers will enter documentation into the system between August 25, 2014 and November 14, 2014. Teachers can continue to finalize the "best fit" for each student on each construct through November 26, 2014.

Q: Do teachers need iPads to participate in the NC KEA pilot?
A: No, iPads are not required for participating in the NC KEA pilot. The reporting system is web-based and accessible with any computer.

Q: How do teachers record their observations in the electronic system?
A: Teachers can record their observations by typing them in directly into the system or by taking photographs of their handwritten, anecdotal notes and uploading them.

Q: How will my participation in the pilot support the work of the NC KEA?
A: Your participation is vital to the success of the NC KEA. Your feedback during and after the pilot will be used to inform the final development of the Kindergarten Entry Assessment process that all North Carolina teachers will implement in the future.

Q: How will pilot teachers be supported during the pilot?
A: Throughout the pilot process, teachers will receive support through collaboration between your district leader(s), NCDPI, Teaching Strategies, and UNC-Charlotte. Support will be tailored based on your district's needs.

Q: How long will I participate in the NC KEA pilot?
A: The kindergarten entry process will occur during the first sixty days of school. However, teachers will be able to access the online tool and utilize the resources provided throughout the school year.

July Pilot Training

Q: Where do I go for training?
A: Each school district is assigned a training location based on the district’s region. See the Pilot Training tab for locations.

Q: What do I do if I want to spend the night? Can I be reimbursed for hotel costs?
A: Although we attempted to hold the trainings in a central location in your region, we realize that some participants may have to travel more than two-hours to the training site. In these rare circumstances, we are able to consider reimbursement for a hotel room for one night at the state rate of $65.90. Requests for hotel reimbursement must be submitted by the District Office Administrator to the appropriate regional consultant prior to the training date.

Q: What if a teacher or a principal cannot attend the training?
A: Due to the nature of this pilot, all teachers are required to attend both days of the training. Unfortunately, there is not another means to adequately train teachers outside of this professional development session. Therefore, if a teacher is unable to attend any part of the summer training, then s/he will not be able to participate in the NC KEA pilot this fall, but may be considered for future pilot opportunities.

It is critical for a building administrator, preferably the principal, to attend the session so that teachers have the leadership support they need to be successful. If a building principal is unable to attend the training, then the assistant principal or other building administrator must attend. We strongly encourage that the principal and administrator designee have a plan for discussing the information and details shared at the training so that leadership is fully aware of the pilot expectations and support processes.

Q: Can I attend the training in another location?
A: This is a large pilot with hundreds of educators attending the July professional development sessions. All sessions have limited space and are currently filled to capacity. If you are unable to attend your scheduled training, then contact your regional consultant immediately who will, under special circumstances, try to identify an alternate location if available.

Q: Will there be a stipend for attending the training and how much is it?
A: As a pilot participant, you have offered to help inform the final version of the KEA. We realize that this takes some additional effort on your part, including attending a professional development session during your well-deserved vacation time. Therefore, we will provide a $100/per day stipend for all 10-month and 11- month employees for attending the training. During the professional development session we will provide information for how to receive that stipend, which will be mailed to the address you provide.