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NEW!: NC KEA Getting Started Webinar Recording
This 25 minute recorded webinar walks through the process of logging into the TS/KEA system, setting up class information, and entering documentation and making best fits. Support information is also provided.

NEW!: NC KEA Finalizing the Best Fit Webinar Recording
This 16 minute recorded webinar walks the viewer through the process of completing the Final Best Fit for the NC KEA. Support information is also provided.

NC KEA Progression Posters
These NC KEA Progression Posters are a quick reference tool for teachers. There are 7 progression posters. Each poster is presented in a one or two page 11x17in format.

A special thank you to Sheila Cumiskey, of the Tyrrell Co. School District, for providing the format for these posters.

Click on link to view posters:
NC KEA Progression Posters

NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process: Kindergarten Entry
This one page color document provides answers to the What, How, Why and Who questions for the K-3 Formative Assessment Kindergarten Entry process. Color copies of this document will be shipped to each school site to be used with families of children participating in the pilot. In addition, please find a family letter which can be used to accompany this document.

Click the link to view:
Kindergarten Entry

Click the link to view:
Family Letter

Partnering with Families: Questions for Kindergarten Entry (in English and Spanish)

In an effort to support development of relationships with families, the K-3 formative assessment process includes a family component designed to help teachers learn from families about the unique strengths and needs of each child in their classroom. Please use these questions as a starting point for an ongoing conversation between home and school during the KEA pilot process.

A special thank you to Judy Brady, principal of Charles W. McCrary Elementary School in Asheboro City Schools, for providing the Spanish translation.

NC KEA Family Slides

These powerpoint slides were created for LEAs to use to guide their conversations with parents during Open House or other family discussions about the NC KEA Pilot.

K-3 Formative Assessment Wiki

For additional information about the K-3 Assessment, including accessing recorded webinars, please visit our wiki.

Click on the link to view:
K-3 Formative Assessment wiki

Assessment for Learning & Development: A Report by the K-3 North Carolina Assessment Think Tank

This report serves as the foundation for the K-3 Assessment work. The report summarizes the Think Tank's findings, offers a proposal for an innovative process to improve learning, and makes recommendations for next steps.

Click on the link to find the Think Tank and Webinar on the K-3 Assessment Wiki:
Think Tank Report & Webinar

NC Power of K Position Paper
This NC State Board of Education endorsed Kindergarten Position Paper addresses the vision, goals and expectations for North Carolina kindergarten classrooms.

Click on link to view:

LiveBinder: 5 Domains of Learning and Development

This LiveBinder is a resource and self-study for school districts to use to support professional development on five domains of Learning and Development (Approaches to Learning, Cognitive, Emotional-Social, Health & Physical, Language & Communication).

Click on the link to view the LiveBinder:
5 Domains

NCDPI K-2 Literacy Assessment

The NC K-2 Literacy Assessment is intended to assess the reading and writing skills of students in kindergarten, first, and second grade. Components of this tool can be used within a formative assessment process.

Click on the link to view the entire K-2 Literacy Assessment:
NCDPI K-2 Literacy Assessment

*Letter & Sound Identification can be found on pages 16-19.
*Book & Print Awareness can be found on pages 20-25.

NCDPI Mathematics Formative Instructional & Assessment Tasks

NCDPI has provided tasks that address each of the Mathematics Common Core State Standards for K-2 and 3-5. These tasks can be used within a formative assessment process to support instructional decisions and student learning.

Click on the link to view K-2 Mathematics Tasks:
K-2 Formative Instruction & Assessment Tasks

*Object Counting can be found here.

Click on link to view 3-5 Mathematics Tasks:
3-5 Math Formative Instruction & Assessment Tasks

Formative assessment: An Enabler of Learning by Margaret Heritage
This 2-page article explains how formative assessment can be a powerful day-to-day tool for teachers and students.

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